Meet the team

Since the Opening of National Cargo Virtual by its Founder & CEO David Walton in February 2012 it has been lead by Mr. Walton and joining him in 2013 to assist in running the sucessful and popular VA is Don Woolem. Together they have worked very hard to bring you and all virtual airlines fans and members a fun and dedicated virtual airline that offers neat features that other VA's either cannot or does not offer to their members. You can see and read about our team below as well as can contact them through their emails listed below as well if you have any questions, comments or concerns. GOD BLESS!!!!

David Walton

President & CEO

David Walton is the President of National Airlines Virtual. We started as National Cargo Virtual in February of 2012. David has lead us successfully ever since. GOD BLESS!!!!

Don Woolem


My Name is Don Woolem I have been enjoying the hobby of Flight-sim since the Days of FS98. I Joined National Officially on Dec 27th of 2013, and Served as its Logistics Officer then promoted to VP.